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Originally Posted by EliteAutoImport View Post

In my experience, the difference in CDN and US pricing has come down now to the point when factoring in other costs such as Duty, it makes the most sense to find these cars on the CDN side.
I have to correct myself and admit you're right.

All the 328xis that i was looking for 2008 or 2009 with cold weather+premium pkgs + either nav or Logic7 in the 30,000 miles range were around $25-27,000.

Add on 3000-5000 duty + 2800 for extended warranty because CPO status is lost, you're back to Canada prices.

The only compromise: you'll get a 2007 in Canada for US 2008 price and a 2008 for a US 2009 price. But one can negotiate and get a free extension on a CPO warranty here.