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Originally Posted by Lotus99 View Post
Up to a couple of years ago at least, when I last checked, BMW Canada was able to insist you get a KM/H only speedo, and managed to force people to trade in their dual MPH/KM speedos for a CDN KM only one, to discourage importing, since that alone would set you back like $1,000. IIRC they'd force you to do that before they issued their recal letter or something.

Guess they're not doing that anymore?
There was a class action lawsuit against MBCanada, BMWCanada, Transport Canada and they dropped the requirement for the speedo change. But since this Canada, the literature hasn't been updated and people still think BMW Canada is required to do all the work on changing the speedo and the DRLs.

Also: nobody needs a recall letter from BMW Canada...the seller in US can provide what's known as "Warranty Inquiry printout" and that's the warranty statement from BMW's service database stating NO OPEN Campaigns on the vehicle. This is completely acceptable to RIV. This is what i provided to the RIV and I had NOOOOO problems!