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Originally Posted by B-Rad ///PWNS U, Maliboo! View Post
Yo, get yo 'free BOV' here and save them ducks dat die fo you tape-up-mods. How you pimps rollin 335 spend dat last benjamin so you cant buy no real BOV? U can make a "free" back-up sensor (PDC) by duk-tapin a stick 2 you bumpa an listinin fo a scrape when U go back. sad ho's be remind me of dat Eddie Murphy joke where they be fartin in they tub 2 make a jacuzzi. Haha, cept they tub aint worth 50 rocks an they aint voidin no warant 2 make they bubbles. U need 2 mke a DIY fo some "free" sheepskin seat covas usin roadkill, or a "free" iDrive usin some old TV & VCR. I be feelin sad like when I be passin them hobo's at the stops. cept U is some rich hobos with less class an mo cash.
It works, and its not a rip off.
AA M3 is gone...the new...