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Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post
The presidency is a 4 year engagement. The Republicans have only been in charge of 1/2 of 1/3 of the government for just 2 of those years.

Obama had more than ample opportunity to not only set but advance his agenda during that timeframe with Stimulus, the Affordable Care Act, Financial Reform, Lily Ledbetter Act, and others..

Outside of that - what are the Repubs "obstructing" since taking office:
  • Obama's budget with got zero votes in the Senate (twice)
  • Obama's Jobs bill that hasn't left committee more due to blue dogs not wanting to vote to raise taxes.
  • The Dream act which Obama instituted portions thru executive order
  • Net Netruality, which has legitimate concerns on both sides
  • Simpson-Bowles recommendation - which Repubs did stop from leaving committee but Obama has disowned anyway (wasn't in his budget).

What has passed:
  • The Farm bill which has passed with bi-partisan support
  • Transportation Bill - which passed
  • Export-Import Bank Reauth - which conservatives abhor but passed anyway

So when all is said and done - he got everything he wanted in the first two years - hasn't been able to get important factions of his own party and repubs convinced on major legislation the last two years - and we still have a stagnant economy, systemic unemployment, mediocre GDP growth and an large year-over-year deficits.

To paint the current problems solely on Repubs is deflection at best or disingenuous at worst. The election will be a referendum on the last four years and the ppl will decide where the blame will be assigned.

Xbook, your original premise is flawed, as shown above. If you disagree, prove your point. Otherwise, read and digest the facts.