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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
How do you feel about the Republican Party actively taking a position of party before country?

How do I feel about Republican party actively taking a position of party before country? I don't think they are doing that. I wont suggest filibustering is not happening, but I will suggest the reason for it is actually a patriotic act.

I cannot understand how some people are still stick on the whole "for the country, or for the party", as if you cannot do both unless you are a Democrat.

If I try and block a plan that I truly believe will bring misery to the country, how does that make me against the country ?

You may have a different vision of how to improve things than me, but to suggest that me trying to implement my plan is proof I want the country to fail is absurd. That's basically saying that you think that you are right 100% of the time, and anyone holding a contrary view is wrong 100% of the time.
Anyone who really believes that should not be allowed to vote.

In order to not be labeled hippocrites, I guess if Romney wins, then any ultra-right-wing proposals he puts forth will be supported completely by Democrat congressmen? After all, if they vote against it, it must mean they are mutinous traitors who wish to put their party ahead of the country, right?

One person upholding the principles they were elected to champion (ie: doing their job), becomes "obstructionism" in the eyes of anyone who happens to hold a different idea of how to improve things.

The craziest part of all, are the Obama lovers who think this "anti-patriotic" activity will magically stop in Nov if he gets re-elected.
If you truly believe that Republicans only want to harm the country, then what on earth could possibly make you think they will start co-operating?? If all Republicans are anti-American subversives, then they will be more determined than ever to ensure that the history book's take on his presidency will be one of ineffectual gridlock, and economic misery, wont they ? If he turns things around in his final 4 years, that cant be good for them right ? That will only increase the chance of another Democrat being elected in 2016.