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Originally Posted by cleex024 View Post
i still dont understand how everyone is really worried about like $200-$300 difference in product that is total probably $2500 for all work including install when it would be much more costly later down the road if it broke.

if you going with helical why not spend the money for the quaife and not worry about much?

if you cant afford $300 then this car might not be the car you should be modifying.
Fair point. For me itís just a matter of value, the absolute cost isnít what sways me one way or the other. My car is not tracked, so a limited slip is of limited value (no pun intended). As such, price savings are going to be the only thing that drives me to buy one, since itís just not necessary.

I agree with your point though, generally speaking. $800 for an LSD is a very reasonable price however. This company has an established background in clutch based racing diffs, they appear to be a quality outfit.
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