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Originally Posted by GhOsT_E90 View Post
Ok I am not making another thread about the same topic, well kind of is but more or less for you Riss Racing to view since others have not shown any pics. Actually i dont want anything done about the issues that i had. As for the other posts other then mine, whatever problems your having with Riss well thats up to you. As for myself I guess its just since I am in the Army and being a professional mechainc I just adapted and over came the problems i had. Now if they were more serious ofcourse i would contact you(Riss Racing). I already have contacted you about the missing O2 sensor bug plug and sim that I am waiting for and you said its on its way so I have taken your word for it and am looking for it in the mail.

If you would like me to email you I can, but like i said i am not asking for any replacement or anything. Actually I am looking into getting a few more of your products.
that's the thing man, this isn't a humvee, 5 ton or track. even with those parts usually fit, it's when you don't have the right part that you are forced to acquire and modify; this is your vehicle and parts adverised with "perfect fitment" should have perfect fitment