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Originally Posted by GhOsT_E90 View Post
You guys best option is you contact them by email or phone and not spam my post. This post was just ment to show Riss and any others looking to learn something, my rub issues and what i did to fix them. I saw the issues I had as something i could fix, everyone is on this trip that all cars are equal and everything they buy should fit perfect, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesnt as seen with the people that have had no problem and those that havent.
Sorry, not trying to spam your post brother...

just trying to right a know?

Unfortunately for me the normal means of communication obviously haven't worked out too well for me...

Riss mentioned publicly in this thread they would be taking care of cstmx_ryder...

I was just trying to see if they planned on being as courteous to me

I appreciate all of your insight and contributions to this topic