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Originally Posted by logicc View Post
So I've been reading tons of threads here and have quickly realized this is probably going to be a complicated (but hopefully rewarding) install. Since I know crap about installing an audio system I'm having it down professionally by a very reputable shop near me. I'm trying to collect any information I can for myself as well perhaps it'll be helpful to them as well. What I plan on having them install is this:

As it stands my car does not seem to have bluetooth music streaming which is quickly killing me on the inside. So being an iphone user I think being able to incorporate with carplay would be pretty dope.

Being completely new to bmw I have no idea what sound system I have. I know I have a 2008 335i with Navigation.

Now from what I've been reading, and trying to understand it seems I may or may not lose some functionality. So I'm trying to gauge from the experienced people on here what my expectations should be in terms of losses. From my own reading on the forums it seems like:
  1. BMW SOS: A service I don't use and have no intention on paying for so am completely fine with losing that functionality, especially since it seems any error codes related to it can be coded out.
  2. BMW PDC: Having never had a car with any type of assist for parking I see no need or want for this feature. Again also seems any errors related to it can be coded out
  3. Warning Chimes: From what I've read this maybe tied into my factory bluetooth system? Not really sure what all it chimes for. I think I've only ever noticed a chime when the door is open. Again seems any errors can be coded out. Plus it seems there is an adapter to add back this functionality

Does the old HU need to be relocated to the trunk or can I just do away with it.
I keep seeing people say that diagnostics can't be performed on the car without but I've also read they can. Perhaps I maybe better off just asking the bmw dealer directly about that. Also if its relocated to the trunk wont that interfere with the new HU?

Please correct me anywhere you think I've completely lost my mind have messed up information. Speaker to my installer all I know from his end is he is going to install the the pioneer head unit and a phoneix gold amp
Replying in regards to the actual choice if the head unit-hand you looked into the 4100nex? The 8100 is a large price increase for features that you won't even really need if you intend on using CarPlay. A 4100Nex can be purchased new for ~$500.