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Originally Posted by Xradeon View Post
So I want to partially retrofit CIC to my 2009 E93. All I want is to have the OEM CIC dashboard and a functional CarPlay installation.

These are the parts I have in mind:
  • Double scoop CIC dashboard.
  • Avin 8.8" Multimedia Navigation System for BMW 3 Series E90 E91 E92 E93.
  • CIC head unit.
  • CIC controller.
  • CIC controller cable.
  • CIC controller trim for e93.
  • Climate control bezel/trim.
  • LVDS cable.
  • CIC display cable.
  • GPS antenna.

Currently I have the Top Hi-Fi system. Also I don't mind for OEM navigation (so I just can skip CIC emulator right?), as I'll be using CarPlay only.

Could anyone see any issues of retrofitting CIC this way or any other part that I'll need for the install?
Same thing I'm about to do to mine. I already have the Android screen.... oh mine is an e89 Z4, but it's the same components... but I want the onboard functionality of the iDrive system.
I have considered fitting the combox and bluetooth but as I don't have ICOM to program it (I'm told you can't set it up with NCSExpert etc!!) I've decided that as I have Bluetooth capability built into the Android screen I can dispense with that. I would get the emulator just so I can have the back-up of the iDrive nav.
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