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Originally Posted by smass View Post
If you get carplay or android you probably won't need a backup camera emulator. My carplay has a backup camera input and switches the screen to backup camera when reverse is selected. It even has the dynamic lines that move when the steering wheel is turned. And the backup camera image is full screen rather than a smaller box.
Sorry when I said "I would get the emulator just so I can have the back-up of the iDrive nav." I didn't mean the back-up camera, I meant the emulator just for the Nav and have that as a 'back up' to my Nav on the Android. Yes I already have the back up camera (reversing camera as we call it) set up with my Android screen.

I've also decided to change how I'm going to do this, as I'm lead to believe that if I fit a MULF2 unit, with the Bluetooth receiver, and with a little bit of coding by NCSExpert I will have Bluetooth calling facility (I don't need music streaming via Bluetooth as I have Android Auto). Can anyone confirm this? I won't need ICOM??

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