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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
apparently the audison bit dmi is some kind of most adapter to what is not
clear and the site uses flash and even though I have flash it want some other
kind of flash so norton labels the site as malicious.

Most bus to toslink translator somewhat like the original mobridge.
Do your amps or DSP's have a toslink input.
Nobody here uses those much some use to use the mobridges but they
were and expensive way to make your car compatible with aftermarket
equipment. The mobridges were around 500 bucks this is even more expensive.
Really the audison stuff is all to expensive for what you get.
Yes my DSP have toslink in.
Iīve checked both Audison and morbridges sites, but to me itīs not clear if you need to code when you have logic7 or if thatīs only needed if you dont have the logic7