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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
The purpose of theses devices is to translate Most signals to toslink format..
There are also some device like the mobridge da -2 and 3 that give analog
RCA outputs.

The basic purpose of these devices is so you don't have to reprogram.
There is also some cheap units from Avin that go from Most to RCA.

More Cost effective to Program to Hi Fi then run RCA's from the Head Unit.
If you can.
Redoing a logic 7 system is not and easy task. You have to replace 9 channels
and the speakers they run to .
So the Bit dmi should be plug and play with logic7?
I figured that it would be plug and play, but on mobridges site it sad it needed to be coded, but i guess they ment that you needed to do that if you hade analog connections.

Regarding the cost itīs not that important, the simpleness is more important.

I alredy have a Audison Bit one DSP and 2 Audison AP4 D amplifiers.
im going to use the bit one and turn the system in to a 3 way front only system (maybe some rear speakers if needed).

Thank you for your inputs, itīs very much appreciated