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Question is Meguiars REALLY THE BEST IN "everything" ?

I was reading most of the forms and from everything I was reading I feel like all these brands that I have to order online are the best but I dont know, just kind of impatient on waiting on the delievery to get to its destination..

Just got a new car, still havent washed it, clean it but havent done a major cleaning, its not dirt at all because i have the car cover. But I really wana buy some products that i could get from the store, auto zone and other car stores? but im wondering what products should i buy to clean my car, would "meguiars" ?? Be a good one that i could just buy?

Another thing what should i use to whipe it down, a regular towel or a microfiber everything, towel, wipe down, drying ?? like enlighten me guys/gals.
.. OH YEA.. How and the hell do you clean a car cover would it be through a washing machine? hoes it down? dry cleaners? let me know..

Thanks guys