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Megs consumer line is ok OTC stuff, I like Duragloss better for some things and you can get those at Napa and Carquest stores. They also carry some of the Surf City Garage products which are ok OTC items as well. Find the names of some of stuff and search the internet for reviews. I use DG 901 as a maintenance wash and Aqua Wax (951) as a spray wax and drying aide. Surf Cities blue colored car wash is nice and they used to have a pink QD that was rumored to be rebadged Finish Kare stuff which is an outstanding QD.

Towels only MF towels and clean ones properly cared for. You'll introduce enough defects just from normal use so why add to by using some crappy towels. PakShak is a good online site for towels sometimes, when there's sales like right now on DI can't beat those prices. Waffle Weave to dry, plush MF to buff off QD's and such and multipurpose ones for removing waxes and polishes 2/4/8 in quantity repsectively IMO.

Cover wash it in the washing machine, that's what I do to mine and dry on low or air only. Don't wash it very often though, maybe 5 times in 10 years and only because a squadron of sea gulls strafed the damn thing.