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Thanks to all for the comments...

Originally Posted by kbryce View Post
looks really good

is that a full LCI conversion?
Yes, full LCI conversion (headlights, hood, trunk, tails)

Originally Posted by Manny_World View Post
+1, the new head lights compete your aggressive front end! Thought about doing the M3 ducts?
Originally Posted by .fLip. View Post
looks really good.

I would love the M3 ducts as I think they look much cleaner and more aggressive. However, this is a pre-lci (2007) car with the optional oil cooler. I believe the fogs are a necessary evil to cover up ducting to the oil cooler. If you are aware of anyone who has made this work on a similar car, I am all ears. Someday I will try to figure it out.

any info on that floor jack? im in the market for one and idunno which to pick and if i need anything special for the jack points
Pretty cheap jack - however, it is a "race jack" or "low-profile jack" which was necessary for my car. If you are lowered at all, you will probably want to go this route - a normal floor jack does not fit under my car due to low clearance (and I'm not even that low). Here is what I have... - it is cheap and nothing special, but does what I need it to. It has smaller surface area so it fits the jack points better than a standard floor jack.

Originally Posted by idrift4wd View Post
car is looking sweet!

do something about that wood trim!
I never liked the wood trim and have always wanted to do something with it, but cant decided if I want gloss black or brushed aluminum (I am worried the silver look would be to harsh of a contrast, but dunno).

Originally Posted by bbarclay410 View Post
diffuser is trash bud. get a duke dynamics quad performance style and youll be good to go!
I like the duke dynamics diffusers, but I am worried the carbon fiber would look like crap on my car for some reason. But yeah, I have been on the fence with that upgrade for like 6mos.

Originally Posted by BigNate View Post
car looks mint! was this originally pre lci?
Thanks - yeah, full LCI conversion, it is a 2007