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Originally Posted by number335 View Post
I just looked online yest at the Canon XSI. It can be had new for under $500 or used for around $285 - $350.
I would go used, I wouldn't buy an xsi at that price new if I were paid to.

It's a great camera. But not for 500 new. At that price i would just move into the T3 so I at least had some more modern teck to play with.

For the price you're looking for, troll creigslist and see if you can find a nice used one. Even a 20D or 3D, however, they will have a slightly higher learning curve for you as well as get closer to maxing out your budget. So it depends what you're looking for.

Also, be prepared, just because you have the camera, you still have to budget in stuff like camera bag and memory cards. It adds up quickly.