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VRSF has the worst communication of any vendor I've ever seen

I placed an order with VRSF on August 29th. It is now September 26th, and to date I have still been unable to get anybody to respond to my messages about problems with my order.

I have sent Tiago PM's on this site which have gone unanswered.

I have sent email via VRSF's "contact us" page on their website numerous times, all of which have gone unanswered.

I have attempted to call the phone number on VRSF's contact us page, it always rings endlessly with no answer regardless of the day of the week or time.

I placed an order for multiple parts. Everything showed up except one part (my DCI/air scoops.) Since nobody seems willing to be bothered to get in touch with me, I'm left with no chouice but to file a Paypal claim this afternoon.

If you're wise, you'll do business with somebody else. Even if these guys do decide to make good on their mistake and ship me the part they forgot, it's patently ridiculous that it takes a month of sending them messages every few days to elicit a reply. I can't speak to the quality of the product, but their "customer service" is the worst I've ever experienced from any company that has ever sold me ANYTHING.

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