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Three new pics posted on page one, with more to come late Saturday...

Originally Posted by fongboy View Post
sweet 335d you got there now all you need is oss headlights with full blackout
Haha, I was offered to trade for BavX LS3 full black outs, but I just can't part with my lights, they're in such good shape! If it was cost effective, I'd love to buy the european quad xenons and black those out with LS3. That, would be unique...

Originally Posted by Shades View Post

Originally Posted by AdiSinghV12 View Post
Pls upload a pic that shows the complete side profile after the M3 front.
As requested, I posted two side shots, and will update the rear side shots on Saturday hopefully. Keep an eye out!

Originally Posted by pjdizzle94 View Post
yea kevin post some pictures. smh.
Haha, terrible...

Originally Posted by Manny_World View Post
Nice transformation!

Originally Posted by Nikki.Alexa View Post
The stripes on the grill adds a very nice touch. Is it vinyl? Or if not what is it, and where can I get it
Thanks, its vinyl, and I'd be happy to pick some up and send it your way if you're interested. I actually just took them off in the pic with the GTI so I can redo them better than I originally did. I like it so much better with the stripes. It's just something different that makes it mine...

Originally Posted by Jaime_E90 View Post
So cleannnnnnnnnn man! Looking great!!
Thanks Jaime!

Originally Posted by E90MCF View Post
They are vinyl.

Go pink stripes Nikki!
Haha, pink would be interesting. We did my friend Albert's in an orange, which looked pretty cool with his matte grills and wheels.

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Very nice.

Originally Posted by kbryce View Post
that came out really nicely
Thank you!

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im thinking of getting the same bumper from the same seller but without pdc but i was wondering if you know if a m3 lip will fit on the rep bumper?
I was actually wondering the same thing recently. There has a lot of talk about the v style lip that fits well, but that just seems too bulky for me. Not to bag on others, it's not my style. I was thinking a custom LTMW splitter, and was talking to Long about that last Saturday, but he suggested another lip, I just can't remember which right now, sorry...

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