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Originally Posted by Victor.L3IchibanM3
Dude I am not doing anything that is racist. That is just M logo saying I'm Lovin it! Why are you hating you dumb fuck. You just offended because you live in UK and I am assuming that you are also Muslim. Stop fucking hating on me aiite?
You posted:

1. A poll asking how many people on this forum hated muslims because of their beliefs.

2. An image indicating Islam was 'banned'.

3. An image suggesting Muslims were having gay sex while praying.

4. An image on Abu Hamza (a terrorist sympathiser) in this thread purely because it was started by someone from a muslim country.

As I said ... do this once or twice and you get the benefit of the doubt. The fact that you keep doing it makes it pretty clear that you have a problem with Muslims.

I suppose technically that's not racism, just religious hatred, but either way it's pathetic.

I'm not dumb and I don't hate you ... I just think you are sad.

By the way, I am not Muslim, but I wouldn't be offended if you thought I was, being a Muslim is NOT something to be ashamed of.