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Originally Posted by ENINTY View Post
The modern day engine has a computer controlled combustion process, with O2 sensors and knock sensors. If the engine were to start running lean the ECU would send it into limp mode to avoid internal damage because of a lean condition.

I was looking around on the BMW TIS site a few weeks ago and found a procedure to add an external fuel filter to the E90 fuel system. I haven't seen the part anywhere on any BMW parts websites, but the additional fuel filter is meant for places in the world where the fuel quality is questionable (the part may not be on the US parts list). If you are concerned about the fuel filtering process on the E90, you may want to look into adding the auxillary fuel filter to your car. The procedure was pretty straight forward. Remove the rear seat. Open the access cover to the fuel tank (it's there to facilitate a fuel pump replacement). Remove one fuel line and replace it with the auxillary fuel filter.
ENTITY, do you have access to instruction on how to replace fuel filter. I agreed with you on the BMW technology. I mean i have experienced this first hand when my water pump stop working. The car would not give me full access to power and I can only coast along while everyone zipped on by and giving me the ugly staring faces.

Nevermind, after looking at realoem, I now remember seeing the access cover to the fuel tank under the rear seat. I don't know how difficult it is to open the fuel tank access cover but it is good to know if I ever need to mes with fuel tank.
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