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Originally Posted by TSM330i View Post
Reaction time isn't added to the et. You can have a 3 second reaction time and still run a very low et. It's just the amount of time it took you to react to the green. The timers don't start until you roll through the light and break the beam.

That being said, I predicted in another thread that the GT would be faster in the straight line and the ZL1 would handle better. Both great cars!
Ha good point. Fixed.

I wonder when we'll see actual substance in the comparisons on a track though. Figure 8, slalom, and skidpad do tell us a lot, but I have a hard time thinking the ZL1 would mop the floor with the GT500 (as the article implies) in a situation where you're at a track with some turns in it.

Somewhat good article but seems like they threw in plenty of troll bait to stir the pot.