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Originally Posted by rfkhan28
how r u...this is my first post on this forum and I am new to this so here is my situation..... I currently live in new York and my parents reside in father purchased a 2009 320i from japan and imported it to Trinidad and everything works great except that the radio is tuned to japans frequency which is a problem because Trinidad has the same fm frequency an usa I know that the radio can be coded to work but are there any hidden menus that can be accessed to change this without hooking it up to a pc or is coding it the only way..i will be leaving in a couple weeks to go down there and try to reprogram if it needs to but any help would be greatly appreciated..

thank you in advance
Hey rishi. Turn car on. Turn radio off. Right when turning radio back on hold the M button next to the arrows until a menu pops up. I've never used this before but it should be in there. Good luck
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