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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
Obama and company spend way too much time worrying about bipartisanship when the GOP wants no part of it. They've wasted too much time trying to play the center.
This is so full of fail.

- "Yes, we wrote the bill, yes we won the election" regading Stimulus - Nancy Pelosi

- "The debate is over because I won" - The President when replying to Eric Cantor regarding Payroll tax refunds.

- To avoid a committee vote on subponeas for Countrywide Financial, the Democrats lock out Republicans. (link)

- House Republicans shut out of House-Senate Conference on Stimulus (link)

- Republicans shut out of Health Care act finalization, President admits fault (link)

- When asking to participate in healthcare reform drafting, the WH administration sent a terse letter back to Republicans stating "they had healthcare under control" (link)

And in the best example of actual bi-partisanship:

- Obamas 2012 budget voted down 97-0 and 2013 budget voted down 414-0 (link)

So if I'm keeping score - When Democrats were in the majority, the excuses were that the people voted and there's no need to acquiesce to the minority. But when the Republicans were voted back into power, they should be looking to compromise or be labeled as intractable.

Think I got it now..
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