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Took the plunge-New 335i owner

Greetings all,

Decided to retire (trade in) the 03 IS300 I had with 195k on it for something a little more interesting. I realize I may not get 195k out of my new car but hell, you only live once…

Got a good deal (or at least I thought I did) on a 07 Sedan with the sport package and Dinan Cold air intake and stage one software with 46k.

I was blown away by the difference in power from the IS. The 335 stock is much faster than the IS stock but with the stage one software it really hauls ass. The IS has somewhat of a lighter feel (car weight wise) but I am liking the "German" feel of this car. Hopefully, I won't be blown away by the repair and maintenance costs. I am pretty handy and feel I could tackle most fluid changes, brakes and maybe the spark plug change as I doubt the previous owner did it before he traded it in.

Can the dealer tell me if and when any maintenance was done??

All that aside, I am blown away at the power, quietness, finish and overall improvements.

Unfortunately it is out of warranty and am mulling over getting an extended service plan through USAA that covers many items for around 2k for 24mos/24k miles from plan inception. Seems like I could possibly save the 2k for anticipated repairs though.

I will be searching this forum to soak up as much info as possible to avoid asking redundant questions that I am sure is common with new owners.

I will upload a pic(s) soon.