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Originally Posted by redline2001 View Post
WTF how is your car a strong build with the problems you just listed ? Your turbos didn't even make it to 100,000. And also lets keep to the topic of this thread and not about how are own cars r doing. Didn't mean to come at you hard but 74,0000 miles on turbos is nothing to brag about.
It's not shabby, this isn't a 2.0t engine. Its high compression on small turbos but that isn't the point.

As for the foged internals, no one has verified that and no one has had any internal issues so ya.

But honestly, the 09+ is when bmw worked out most of the kinks even though you guys may not have had these problems

1.) Vanos issues
2.) Injectors
3.) Pulley hitting subframe
4.) Larger wastegate actuators even though this did nothing
5.) Coilpacks