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Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
and yes, I am for violence!!!
When my R32 (Golf) got done over for the second time, I seriously considered hiring my ex Army sniper sister's boyfriend to sit on the window with a high powered air rifle and watch over the car.

If I'd caught them, they would have been in bits (I used to be National competition kickboxer, taught it and also brown belt karate with countless street fights won too plus a couple of over ambitious ones (ahem - six on one and four on one - me being the "one" )) - tbh I'm glad I didn't because I'd be in very deep trouble with the law. It only takes one slip like that and if you know what you are doing, serious damage can be inflicted - doesn't matter if they are the lowest of low lives, you will get done - big time. Which is a shame.