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Codes and Concern [Please Help]

Greetings E90Post community,

I have come again to ask for your help as I have come across a few concerns as well as a Cylinder 6 misfire code. [Please see below for codes]

1. Cylinder 6 misfire code: I was replacing my PCV valve to RB after a drive home from work and I took off the last fuel bracket for some clearance (fuel came out, was ready with rags but did not catch all the fuel that came out). Upon completion of the project. I did not prime the engine. It cranked for a bit, but it started. a few days pass normal and suddenly everytime I go to a stop I can feel the car shake a bit but if the car is moving, it's smooth as butter. (NO CEL)

Now my question is, would my stupidness of not priming the engine be enough to cause a misfire like that? would I need to change just that 1 plug? [Ive recently changed my coils [Delphi], plugs (NGK 2-step colder) and Index 12 injectors about ~12k kms ago]

2. Concerns: As you all can see, I have a HPFP SHADOW code and a crankshaft sensor SHADOW code, now I will give you some symptoms that I think is weird so please let me know if it's my HPFP is on it's way out.

On a cold start the car starts off instantly, no long cranks, but I notice the RPMs go over 1000rpms then gradually works it's way down to about 600-700rpms.. would this be a symptom of a failing HPFP? but if it's a warm start, it goes to 700-900 rpms no problem.

Again, Thank you for your time and help! This is my first vehicle, and I have meticulously did my maintenance upon purchase before I went FBO and I love this platform because of the help I get from you guys. Thanks again!

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- DME active codes -
2E1D - DME: Firing, cylinder 6.

- DME shadow (inactive) codes -
29F4 - DME: Catalytic-converter conversion.
29F5 - DME: Catalytic-converter conversion 2.
2FCA Fuel high pressure bei Freigabe der Einspritzung
2FDA - Crankshaft sensor, signal: missing.

- Misc. information -
MHD build: version 2.21
Voltage 14.84V
Last flashed file : v7.1 Stage 2 FMIC 91oct_95ron
'08 335i AT Titanium Silver | MHD Stage 2+ (91 oct) | xHP Stage 3 | VRSF FMIC [7.5"] | BMS CP + Tial BOV | VRSF Catless DP | VRSF Exhaust [Street] | BMS Dual Cone CAI | BMS Cowl Filters | Bilstein B8 Struts+Eibach Lowering Springs |
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