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Originally Posted by tigermack View Post
Kobe sure whines quite a bit... all he cares is scoring now... he saves all the energy just for that. I am surprised he still has that mentality even losing series mainly because the lack of defense. He's great, there's no doubt but I just wish he'd put more effort into defense, play less minutes if he has to. The thing is that, there's no help defense, with a team of older players, they need to have good help defense. I mean, look at Spurs... they are pretty damn old, too but they are great on defense as a team.

I just don't get how D12 doesn't get more than 10 attempts a game, I understand he doesn't want to get fouled and miss the FT's but they need to stuff the ball in more. They have 2 7 footers and can't even dominate the paint? Doesn't make sense at all! I understand why Kobe is taking all these shots, all the other guys don't have the confidence to take the shot and they are afraid of pissing Kobe off if they miss.

You have to play "D"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!