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Originally Posted by nailer335 View Post
I don't consider proper writing/communication to be "sounding smart". I consider it basic. Very basic. Nothing about it is pompous or even special. I do love being called pompous though, "bcuz" proper standards concerning life's basics seem to be becoming increasingly rare. To each their own. I'll be pompous I guess...

Hey. While I'm being pompous- according to what I understood from the OP, any combination of mods on either car with the result listed is directly relevant to what he wanted to collect data about. So concerning relevance to the intended topic of this thread, if I may be pompous enough to expound, clarify misunderstandings, and try to keep this derailed thread somewhat significant: "

post as much data concerning the mods, results, conditions, etc of as match ups between n54 powered cars and 5.0s as possible. The more data concerning every factor relevant to the outcome of a race, the better."

To help you apply: a magazine that actually documents all of the relevant data about either of the cars with any combination of mods, conditions, pertinent factors, etc is much more relevant than a substanceless, objective statement like "a stock 5.0 shouldn't beat..." I dont see the OP looking for a "which is better" or a "what should the outcome be if" or any other way to justify your fundamental misunderstanding and your very basic contribution, as irrelevant as it seems to be, based on what I'm able to interpret from a topic post that in itself, lacks detail sufficient to calm the tides of directionless, repeat threads or threads that COULD be more useful to the community should the scope be more specifically defined.

Feel free to adequately communicate a response. Be as pompous as you want, it might catch and maybe we'll all benefit from it too.
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