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Dealer dropped the ball on coding my CA key fobs.

So I traded in my E92 for an E90 equipped with CA. Dealer gave me 3 keys all of which were able to open and start the car. But they lacked the keyless function and needed to be coded.

I returned car to service for the keys to be coded in additon to fixing the airbag sensor mat. They returned the car to me and claimed that they were only able to code 1 key and the others did not belong to the car. The key fobs all have removable batteries and iirc that means they are CA capable.

Two of the 3 keys were new. One of which is the one that's coded and worked. So I find it strange that the old original key in addition to the other new one can't be coded. Funny thing is the tech who was responsible for the car was only given a single key. They called me to ask for the other I told them that the dealership should have all 3 and they should see the SA for the others.

Seems to me like the opted to not complete the job and decided to feed me some bs about the keys not being compatible. So with that said how can I confirm their claims about the keys not being compatible and can the keys be coded independently from the dealer? I.e using ncsexpert