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Post DIY/ Aftermarket options of making your BMW secure

Hi All,
Most people on this forum are looking for certain ways of making their BMW theft proof or relatively secure to avoid OBD theft. I have been reading few threads and trying to improve my knowledge on BMW security system. After reading some stuff, I finally thought to share ‘ways of improving security’ of your BMW.

The purpose of this thread to cover most of the options available to us, all in one place. I have tried to cover most of the options available in the market. Some of these method are DIY and some not depending on your abilities, so please do it on your own risk considering your 'abilities'.

I am going to mention few options

1- Disable your OBD port if you know what you are doing.
Move your OBD port.

DIY Thread
(Credit to Nik.H)

You can buy 1.5 meters, 3 meters and 10 meters extension cables.

I personally went for 1.5 meter extension cable and it is good enough to extend your OBD port near to central ultrasonic sensors.

Some people like the idea of adding dummy obd port.
The part number for that is 6113 6931 908. Please check it with your dealer to confirm if this part number can go into your car.

(Credit goes to Fulcrum for providing part number)

2- Buy OBD lock (credit to Phil200tdi)

3- Buy decals / stickers of disabled OBD port if you have done step 1
Example here:

I have ordered few on a pilot basis and hopefully I will get those next week. My aim to help our community members and not to make any profit on these. My target is to post three stickers for a fiver and I am hopeful that I will hit that target. I will start new thread on stickers when I receive those and add a link here to that thread.

UPDATE: OBD port stickers are printed. Please see details here.

4- Buy dislock

I am not a big fan of these but if it makes your beamer safe, by all means go for one. At least it will prevent the Airbag theft.

5- Add a Shock sensor to security system of your BMW

A good example is 504D

Here are instructions to install one.

(Credit goes to two,_OH_five )

Edit: Here is updated version. (no splicing of OEM wires.)

(Credit goes to Shortie)

6- Add Proximity sensor to your OEM security system
A good exmaple is 508D.

(Again credit goes to two,_OH_five )

7- Change your siren to one with higher sound output i.e 120db one.

A very good and compact example.

You can find it here how to install it in your car.

8- Get your car coded to have followings;

-Code Chirp sound on locking / unlocking
-Code Visual sign (indicator bulbs blink one time) when you lock your car (not a default setting on most of BMWs).

These two help to make sure that you locked your car. If somebody has a signal jammer and if you do not hear locking chrip sound or indicators flashing, that means somebody is in the vicinity. Just double check manually in that case if you really have locked your car.

-Code to increase volume of your OEM security Alarm (if you cannot do step 6 of this thread).
-Code High beam flashing with your security alarm (It helps those who park their cars facing windows of their homes/ bungalows and if alarm get triggered, it will flash high beams in the direction of your windows)

You can find coders in your region from this thread.

9- Add a switch to cut power supply to coilpack.


(Credit goes to Idnan )

10- Add Tracking system to your car.

Here is one example:

If you are not a good DIYer, then simply buy this kit from UK and everything is prepared for you (excluding sim but please confirm with the seller)

Edit: They have confirmed that this system comes with vodafone pre-paid sim.

If you are good with DIY stuff, then buy the same tracker system from here.

(Credit goes to QLD).

P.S: These systems can take only 2-2.5G sim cards which means 3 network sims will not work with these.

11- VIPER Security Alarm
Ultimately, if you have plenty of money and you can afford Viper security system, then go for this Group buy.

(Credit goes to Shortie and IanS100)

12- None of the above
If at the end nothing fancy you, then Siren_G has few other suggestions for you here.

You may not require all of them but you may need combination of some of these.

If I have missed any other solution or credit to somebody, please feel free to add it in this thread and I will update it.

Thanks and all the best.

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