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Originally Posted by SoaDMTGguy View Post
Very interesting! I'll have to experiment with this on my drive home.

Question: Why "Concert Hall" not "Theater"? I have those subjective terms... I wish it was just "Stereo" or "Surround".
I'm a total, utter noob about E90s, but I've been thinking about this, and my thoughts so far are: "Theater" (or "Cinema" on my non-iDrive E90) is probably tailored more for center-focused speech-heavy stuff like what might come out of a DVD player, for instance. (Podcasts, perhaps??)

"Concert Hall" (or, on mine, "Music" haha) is better suited for wider stuff that should be less colored by the space it's in. That's what mine seems to do...take out some of the coloring of the car's interior, among other things.

I find "Cinema" to center and almost box the sound in, as if you're in a movie theater. I don't have a DVD player in my car, but some E90 owners do indeed!

Seeing as Logic 7 is the same DSP tech that's in some 7.1 home theater systems, with some of the same settings carried over, having a Theater setting makes sense.

I'm probably wrong about 100% of this.