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Originally Posted by matt_s View Post
+1 on the rear alignment, my 2006 e90 330d m sport (same as yours?) had the rear alignment quite a way out. Do you have any abnormal tread wear on the rear tyres?
The hunter alignment should have picked it up, but the first time I took mine in, they told me it was out but they wouldn’t do it as the bolts in the rear would likely shear off, leaving me stuck and at the mercy of their price list. Honest of them...
I therefore preemptively purchased new bolts and then soaked the existing bolts in penetrating oil, being careful to not just soak the bushes. I then freed mine off, confirmed they would rotate and then got the rear adjustment done.
Handled much better thereafter. The bolts are eccentric - not mounted in the centre of their washer.
Having the rear done will likely necessitate the front being tweaked too... however if you’ve got a non standard set up, then I suspect that would have to be sorted.
Good luck.
Tread wear seems to be fairly normal and as expected across the width...
Yup, so the general consensus is to the backs play a huge role in a good alignment along with the correct settings!!
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