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I have the PK/FSD set up.
I have not tracked the car yet, but I have canyon runs around my house that would put all, but the 'Ring, to shame.
BMW tests cars, including the new M3 on routes I take. I know, I've run with them and almost went to work for them.

Most of my track days are in my KART, so I'm used to NO suspension......

Car handles amazingly with this package.

To keep a somewhat 'liveable' dailing ride comfort, but have a good handling ride, I think this is the best comproise.

Obviously, it's not a fully set up, set of CO's, but that's the trade off.

I'll have her out at CA Speedway in Oct and I have NOOOOO worries about this set up on track.

I think sways will help it just a bit more at the track, but unless you're doing 12-15 track days a year, this is a great set up to live with day in and day out.