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E91 Power folding mirror retrofit

It's me again!

My latest retrofit is now complete. I've just installed a set of pre-LCI power folding mirrors. No pictures this time as I didn't have much time doing the job.

My hardest problem was searching through all the misinformation on the net to find the correct info!

Theory: the power folding mirrors are controlled by the LIN bus. The standard mirrors are not. The drivers switch cluster IS on the LIN bus already and is directly connected to the drivers door mirror (although by default the mirror is not on the LIN bus). You do not need to replace the drivers door loom because once the FRM has been coded, the LIN to the mirrors are activated. The passenger door mirror however does not have the wiring for the LIN (unless you have memory seats) which is why we need to replace that door loom and install the LIN bus to the FRM.

Anyway the retrofit was not that difficult.

I obtained the following parts:

1: set of mirrors
2: driver window switch
3: passenger door loom (suitable for power windows/memory seats)
4: couple metres of wire

Steps to fit:

###Passenger door###
1: Remove passenger door trim, peel back the lining. Undo loom from bulkhead (in the door shut).
2: Peel back the trim covering the mirror and undo the connector.
3: Remove the mirror by undoing the 3 bolts, be careful not to let it drop.
4. Fit the new mirror into place, make sure the rubber grommet is fixed through the hole.
5: Undo all connectors and remove loom from door.
6: Refit the new loom, you might have spare connectors left over. These can be tied back into the bottom of the door. It won't foul the windows when they open.
7: Do not refit the loom into the bulkhead just yet. We need to modify the connector block.
7: Refit all the trim.

###Driver door###
1: Remove door trim.
2: Follow steps 2, 3 and 4 as above.
3: Refit connector to the mirror.
4: Prise up the window switch cluster, unclip the connector and fit the new switch cluster in it's place.
5: Refit all the trim.

###Installation of LIN bus###
1: Using the old loom that you took out of the passenger door. Take out one of the small pins (this will be used to plug into the FRM). This is assuming you don't want to keep the old loom.
2: Take off the drivers footwell trim to get access to the FRM. You need to plug in the pin to the X14260 connector at pin 22.
3: Route this wire to the passenger footwell.
4: Remove enough trim to get access to the door loom which is inside the bulkhead. This is quite tricky as there is not much room to maneouvre
5: Peel back the insulation and the large black soft grommet. This allows you a little more working room.
6: The LIN bus uses pin 6 on the passenger door loom connector. Power for the mirrors is provided on pin 8. This needs to be connected to a permanent 12v supply. You will see that pins 2 and 7 are not used on the new door loom and are now redundant. I removed these pins from the bulkhead loom and stripped back enough of the black sellotape to enable me to use these wires. Cut them a few inches down the loom and tape off the old cables.
7: Remove these pins and put them into pin 6 and pin 8 of the bulkhead loom.
8: Crimp the wire from pin 6 to the wire that leads to pin 22 on the FRM.
9: Crimp the wire from pin 8 to a 12+ permanent supply. There is a large red wire with a blue tracer on a connector which also houses a large brown wire and a thin white wire. I connected pin 8 to the Red/Blue wire.
10: Refit all the trim.

This depends on your setup of NCSEXPERT and which profiles you have. But basically, install the mirrors by coding the option using a profile with manipulation disabled. Then change any options using a profile with manipulation enabled. The steps I took are as follows:

1: Using WERKSEINSTELLUNG profile in NCS Expert, code $313 to the CAS and NFRM.
2: Take a backup of the CAS and NFRM in case you have other options you want to keep.
3: Code using SG_CODIEREN which will reset the modules back to default (and enable the folding mirror options).
4: Change profile to OFFEN.
5: Read CAS/NFRM modules and restore any of your previous options that have been overwritten.