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HELP: Traction Control Light Flashing w/ New Wheels/Tires

For context: I drive a 2008 E92 335i RWD, originally I had a staggered wheel/tire setup as follows: 225/40R19 & 255/35R19. I never experienced traction control kicking in unless I accelerated hard from a standstill. Also, to my understanding, the OEM tire size for my car is supposed to be 225/35R19 & 255/30R19.

Fast-forward to a couple days ago, I just installed a set of brand new winter wheels/tires. I installed a non-staggered setup of 235/40R18 on all 4 corners. During the first drive with the new wheels/tires I noticed that randomly while accelerating in gears from 3-5 the traction control light starts flashing and I can feel a loss of power. I turned DTC off and the car drove without issues and no traction loss was noticeable at any point.

I was under the impression that the overall wheel/tire diameter change was minor enough that it wouldn't effect the traction control system. Am I wrong?
Or is this a case of something else going wrong such as faulty wheel speed sensors just happening to go bad at the same time as changing tires?

Any help is appreciated.