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Oh no, the thing I dreaded the most, injectors...

Thanks, that thread is really helpful but seeing as I am not a mechanic or handy at all with any kind of hardware unless it's electronic, I will most probably just go to a local garage.

So, so far I should:
  • change injectors
  • change coil packs
  • change spark plugs
  • replace valve cover gasket

And I guess I'll have to get all work done at once for labor cost to be most effective, since changing the vcg means taking the whole top off the engine.
I've been quoted labor for the vcg change alone around 600 in the past...

Still, I'd like to buy the parts myself as they'll be the biggest hunk of money on the total, and I do not know which garage would let me bring my own parts to them for fitting...

Do you have any suggestions of good indys/garages in South England, preferably west, Berkshire area?