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My I-drive has been updated

So I picked up my car yesterday evening. They upgraded the I-drive. They couldn't tell me what software level they installed (V25, V26 ?) but I was able to find the "Target Data Status": E89x-07-03-520. The SIB calls for E89x-07-03-515 or higher so everything's OK.
Now to give you some feedback on the upgrade. I love it
1- The liability screen disappears very quickly (honestly this morning I didn't even notice it popped up).
2- The best thing ever is that on start-up it goes back to the last screen that was displayed when you turned the engine off. It's especially cool for the map. You don't have to go to 2 or 3 sub-menus to display it everytime you turn the engine on.
3- I like the new colors. There was nothing wrong with the brown background with the previous software but I think the silver/gray background is more classy. Also the new colors for the map are nice.
4- As already mentioned in other threads, the new POI search by name is great.
5- I didn't notice any speed differences except on start-up. My previous software was kind of slow after starting the car (some of the buttons such as Menu or Voice command) took about 30 seconds to be operational. Now I don't have this problem anymore.
6- One thing I noticed and (so far) that nobody else mentioned is the small computer display. The one between the speedometer and the tachometer showing time, temperature, and other functions such as mileage, range,.... I don't think it's my imagination but the font of the text is different. The text looks smaller and bold compared to previous software. I keep looking at it and I'm sure it's different (see photo). Actually it's not that obvious on the photo but in real life there is something different.

Anyway, I don't regret the upgrade. I'm sure I'll discover more changes after using it for few days. I highly recommend you guys to go to your dealer and ask for the upgrade. Oh and it was free of charge
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