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Originally Posted by Nex_Gen View Post
Anybody have recommendations for walnut blasting service in Central Cali? I know SoCal has many with great prices, but driving 3+ hours for it seems a little too much; not to mention the challenges of arranging it to be done within a day. Along with the fact that nobody may want to touch a car that's just been driven multiple hours.

Would greatly appreciate it.


Where u from? If u bring it to me, I'll do it for $200 and have it done within 3 hours.. no warranty/guarantee on work but I WILL get it done, that's for sure lol

so what's the verdict? U gna trust me or someone else to do it? OR u gna just nut up n buy the tools needed and perform this easy ass job urself?? Lol I think u should just do it urself..

I performed my own walnut blast only 5 months into my n54 ownership.. it's too easy.. just make sure u have the valves closed ALL THE WAY on the cylinder ur working on and have the rest taped closed..

The only hard part for me was getting that damn black junction box underneath the intake manifold off.. it took me about 30mins til I finally found a knife thin enough to slide into the slots to pull the box off.. everything else was a cake walk
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