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Here you go , I really appreciate it any feedback little history on this car , I bought it at a fair price from a mature lady that kept it stock, always kept the maintenance on it , I have had it since April it's amazing ! I've never been push back on a car from the acceleration!! I've so far have replaced the cover gasket , upgraded the pvc valve when I did a walnut blast , also added an oil catch can, DCI chargepipe is replaced to an aluminum one but ima going to replace it with one without the DV Valves and add a Tial bov, , the transmission was rebuilt and flashed with stage 2 XHP , rear fuel sending unit was leaking and car smelled like gas that's been changed , I have index7 injectors and just bought 6 index 12"s going to be installed this week , could where changed spark plugs changed it's flashed on stage 1 Mhd tune on 93 octane,replaced some vacuum lines , one thing I noticed is that after the tune I hear the woooosh sound as if I have a bov valve but I don't !

Thanks im hoping to keep the car as I love it ! Sure is an amazing car to drive !! I will post my progress here as there is a lot I'm gonna do to this car.
It looks good overall, but i noticed some things :

- your low pressure fuel sensor seems to be pinned at 55.7, that might indicate you need to replace this sensor
- your iat is too high at the end of your pull, you may need to invest in a upgraded intercooler
- your lambda afr 1 & 2 are a bit slow to reach 234 again, but if you gonna change your injector this week, that's perfect, you will see if it's slightly leaking injectors or lazy o2 sensor with a new log
Wow thanks I really appreciate it! Have a nice weekend!
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