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What lip options are there for the M3 Replica Front Bumper?

I'm looking for pics of M3 rep bumpers (doesn't matter if it's E90/92/93) WITH A LIP. I've done some searching and can't find much. It sucks that M3 owners have so many lip options to fit on their OEM front bumper, while 3-Series (Non-M) owners upgrade to the M3 Replica bumper and don't have many options (fitment is different).

Here are pictures of what I found through searching:

Pic 1: member Addicted2Boost - Vorsteiner Rep
Pic 2: member Gen_E92 - Kerscher Splitter / Lip
Pic 3: member Creaminz - M-World GT4 Dry CF Lip
Pic 4: member BBretro - "Custom Lip"
Pic 5: Hamann Lip on E92 M3

Any other options than the ones above???
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