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photo 2 is the catalyst
photo 3 is the DPF which I smashed out but I left the catalyst in and welded back up.
I think the can may actually be stainless but the turbo and exit side didn't look stainless (i could be wrong) but a mig welder would weld it back up fine as that's what I used and I have welded stainless before with a mig,
granted it may not last as long as the stainless but like I said I have welding stainless before with a mig.
I welded a stainless exhaust on a Subaru I used to have and after 4 years it was still going strong with no signs of giving up, this was plenty of time for me as I don't tend to keep cars that long and if i did im sure i could pick up a duff DPF from someone to repeat the process and it would still work out cheaper than a new DPF which would almost certainly give you problems way before then.

photo 2 where the catalyst is you can see the turbo flange which is the inlet (turbo side) and photo 3 is the exit.