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Great information here!!!!! Thanks to all that contributed.

Here is my story:
  1. Found my 335i X-Drive on eBay but was able to purchase privately from seller who was not a dealer.
  2. My conditions were simple and included this in 1 pager deed of sale, need inspection done by my choice mechanic in seller area and recall letter, seller agreed
  3. Inspection was perfect, and BMW manual scanned copy of "no recalls" on VIN was produced, but had all over doc "confidential" and "cannot be used to import vehicle". Not sure if RIV will still accept this report
  4. Since car was a not on a lease but a monthly payment with BMW FS, BMW FS made the transaction easy, I submitted the pay off amount, and I provided instructions for where they mail original title, I decided to mail it straight to US Customs Export at Champlain, NY
  5. Called my existing insurance and was able to get insurance and a letter with Make, model, Year and VIN.
  6. Flew to USA on a business trip, on way back stopped at Newark airport. Seller picked me up at train station
  7. Put my "temp" plate from older BMW on purchased BMW. I know this is not right, but it seemed very complicated to get a temporary without original title in my hands
  8. Drove car for 5+ hours towards Montreal, QC
  9. Stop in Plattsburgh to pickup some stuff I ordered at Sears online
  10. Decided to have a nice supper in Plattsburgh, before crossing border
  11. Decided to stop at Duty free and stock up on Glenlivet and cigarettes for my Dad
  12. As I walked out of Duty Free shop, 2 Sheriffs are blocking my new car, and asking me questions on car, and stating it is a rental car I explained that I just purchased car and proceeding my next step which is 1 minute away US Customs Export to pickup original Title
  13. They took my passport, and 10 minutes later, they said all ok, I had to ask and said what was the problem. Sheriff mentioned something about a helicopter checking all cars that enter and leave the country......
  14. Proceed to US Export office, provided copy of deed of sale, and US Customs Officer search file, and stamped original title, and handed it over to me. This step took 2 minutes. Too easy
  15. Drive to primary Canadian customs, answered a few basic questions, and then I mentioned that I just purchased car and need to import. Officer freaked and said what is car doing with a QC plate, I explained and said that I was transferring it to this plate.....
  16. Drove to secondary section, walked in building, and Agent was very nice, completed all forms manually, reviewed by TITLE and deed of sale, and gave me a TRANSPORT CANADA FORM 1
  17. Since I was in the USA for a few days, she was nice to reduce my total of car paid by 800$
  18. She was so nice, she also offered to do the RIV process online, I accepted, she completed most, and handed me the keyboard for payment
  19. Walked to cash payment area, they called my name, and I paid for the Duty, GST and 100$ AC tax.
  20. Drove all the way home, and now ready for the next 2 steps Federal inspections and provincial inspection

I need help with recall letter next steps. Here is what I have, and have not sent it by email to RIV yet:

Is this good enough for RIV?


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