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Unless the seller on Ebay is reputable, like CARID, I would stay clear. I've never had positive experiences with car parts on ebay.

The last try was a set of headlamps for a Volvo S60 that worked all of 12 minutes, after a month of back and forward with the seller, I ended pulling the trigger on the buyer protection guarantee and I got all my almost thousand dollars back.

I got almost all my parts from AARODRIGUEZ (fixmyeuro), and they are stand up guys for sure. Sometimes they take a little to answer emails but they answer the phone right away. I also felt I owed them some love for being the only ones who posted decent "how to videos" in the tube.

I got the Buzzken from them, and it shipped a lot later than I would have hopped which ended up in my vehicle being on jack stands for 2 weeks (good thing I have 3 cars, so I was using the S60 with the busted headlamps and my R1200CLC for the duration).

But they were very accommodating on everything, including sorting out an order mistake I made.

The other parts I got from Forge motorsports, Diesel Ops (because the videos that convinced me to get the 335d on the first place were from one of their sales men FlyingGato) and an outfit in Lithuania called

In fact, the stuff I ordered from bimmertune arrived earlier than the stuff I order from everywhere else which to me was impressive. And the parts are high quality (racepipe, swirlflap blanks, manifold gasket kit, EGR and Cooler Delete Kit).

But I have no qualms recommending you get everything from AARODRIGUEZ, he also makes his own racepipes and swirl flap deletes, and a very nice CCV breather hose that is a very nice upgrade to the horrible thing we have OEM that by now is most certainly disintegrating, it turns hard and brittle.

Word of advice... Either get a down pipe with the DOC (incorrectly called Catalytic Converter) or just gut out your DPF/DOC can of the DPF of course, leave the DOC in.

The smell is... well it is putrid. And this is not my first Diesel, in fact I used to have a 524td which was a real chimney, and then I had a 90hp Jetta TD, and then a Golf TDI and none smelled like this BMW Diesel.

So while straight pipes are a blast, so much so that a little throttle action on neutral is enough to discourage would be street racers in lesser cars like Mustangs and Camaros and Metrics, the Smell is something to behold.

And for what I have heard, the loss of sound joy is marginal when you put a DOC if you don't have mufflers.

Oh, final note.

My down-pipe back exhaust is from an outfit called Orion sold by Diesel Ops. It was cheap as cheap gets, less than 600 bucks, and it is a quality product. Clamps seal tight, the exhaust tips are gorgeous, and the fit is nearly perfect. It just needs some mild adjustment here and there.