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Looking for help to import Canadian car to US

I'm hoping that someone in this sub-forum may have gone through the experience of bringing a Canadian car into California or even better a Canadian who has moved to California and gone through the process.

Basically my situation is I'm currently a Canadian citizen planning to take a job in California and want to bring my 2010 E92 with me.

My understanding is I need the following:

Ownership papers (license/registration/insurance)...
No outstanding recalls on vehicle...
Letter from manufacturer stating vehicle complies to US safety standards, emissions, etc...

I'm also reading that TPMS are required for vehicles 2009 and newer and our E92 models in Canada do not have TPMS. They use the ABS to sense the tire pressure. Has anyone had to go through adding TPMS and is it even possible for a vehicle not designed with it?

The other question I have is there is no mph display on the speedometer, is this going to be an issue to import the vehicle and require a dash gauge replacement?

Now besides importing the vehicle, the idea of having to do a written/road test in California to get a new drivers license also raises questions that is not clear to me in terms of the transition period:
- can I continue to drive my car with a Canadian driver license/plate/insurance until I pass the exam.
- can I buy insurance in California for the vehicle if I don't have a California driver license yet?

Hope some members can shed some light and share their experience if possible.