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Originally Posted by neilvan View Post
Depends where in California. with most of Cali having strict emission laws, you will have to change your car to match. Which may be an expensive pain if at all possible.

You'll have to see if anything is difference for safety and crash requirements (bumpers or airbags etc).

As well as anything thats standard required for a safety (I dont believe TPMS to be required for Cert as some cars don't even have that system being new sold but maybe U.S is different)

You will need to have MPH on the cluster as a requirement somehow. That's a guarantee.

With cali emissions being so special I think it would be safe to say it would be more cost effective to sell yours and buy another cali spec E92
Thanks for the feedback. I found the following snippet from the NHTSA guide:

The importer obtains a letter from the vehicle’s original manufacturer, on the
manufacturer’s letterhead (and not that of a franchised dealer), identifying the vehicle by
vehicle identification number (VIN) and stating that the vehicle conforms to all
applicable FMVSS except for the labeling requirements of Standards Nos. 101 Controls
and Displays and 110 Tire Selection and Rims or 120 Tire Selection and Rims for Motor
Vehicles other than Passenger Cars, and/or the specifications of Standard No. 108
Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment, relating to daytime running

I guess I will start will trying to obtain the compliance letter and recall letter and see how much a cluster change is going to cost. I'm guess $1k + labour although the video to replace the cluster seems dead simple.

This was my first BMW so it has some sentimental value and was hoping to keep it. Plus who doesn't love the steering and I6 engine