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Originally Posted by cstmx_ryder View Post
It's very hard to diagnose the problem from a picture, if anything, you need to take a picture of the upper strut assembly of the front struts, ie the spring and the top hat assembly........

Worse case scenario, you'll have to take the front struts apart and reassemble them and see if the problem goes away. I know, it's a PITA.......

Also, check to see if there's one or two washers in the top hat assembly, where it meets the actual piston of the shocks. The washer is a conical washer, and there should only be one.....

Here's a picture of what it SHOULDN'T be, there should only be ONE washer:
Damn it, I never noticed that because the shop I went to doesn't allow their customers to see the car being worked on.
The shop technician told me it was normal to hear this kind of popping sound cause the springs were close to each other.

But I guess your right, a normal proper set of suspension that has been installed shouldn't make this clunking noise. It sounds like pop pop not really metal clunking on metal. Yet sometimes it does. I really can't identify the problem but I will take off the wheel and see if I can get a better picture to show you guys.