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Honestly, I think we're experiencing the same issues. Mine at times sound like 'cling cling' like metal on metal. But most of the time, it's 'pop pop' and ONLY happens when rolling SLOW over minor imperfections in the road. But my theory is, that 'cling' sound sound like my DPs bumping against each other, I have RR CL DPs.......The reason I say that is because I think with the PSS10s, my suspension is much stiffer than the OEM ZSP. So I think the car would have a tight bounce to it, even going slow over minor bumps in the road, thus causing the DPs to momentarily 'bump' against each other. I mean, the clearance between the RR DPs are almost slim to none......

Dimsum, I don't know if you have aftermarket DPs, but if you do, that might confirm my theory.......
My car doesn't have DP's I am going to take a picture of my install, to be honest, I don't even have ANY of those washers on my suspension from the top view.

Let me show you in a bit.