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Originally Posted by cstmx_ryder View Post
I'm getting the feeling that this problem is one of those where we can't pinpoint exactly. Some say it was their top strut guide, some say it's not, it's turning into one of those where we just have to start replacing parts that we 'think' might be the cause and trouble shoot that way?

God I hope not......
I feel that way right now, I really dont want to replace all the front suspension in the process to have it be the last thing I could find

Originally Posted by bmwtechray View Post
u should re torq the two control arms where they bolt to the carrier. had a issue like this once it looked tight but when u turn it would slip and make a lil clunk! we could only see it when it was on the alinment rack and there was a load on the suspention try re torq everything
I will double check next time I am under there.

My noise only really seems to happen when rolling slowly and turning, Its really making it hard to diagnose. (and my personality just won't let things go) but I am wondering if it could be related to something else like the brakes of calipers shifting...